Friday, December 2, 2011

DIY Ruffled Rustic Tree Skirt

This is one of my first successful DIY projects.  I am far from creative.  I've never been referred to as artistic.  There is little craftiness in my blood.  I think it's genetic from my mom's side of the family.  SO, this project must be hard to screw up.  If you are craft-challenged like me, this is a rewarding project because it actually turns out like it's supposed to.

I mean, how cute is that?!?!?!

I saw it on Pinterest, I pinned it, and I actually DID it!  Woo hoo!

So here's how it's done.

Turn on some tunes.  I used Michael Buble - Christmas! I'm in love with him.....but back to the task at hand.  Start out by laying yourself on the floor and stretching for 10-15 minutes, because you are going to be bent over this project for quite awhile and your back might be killing you when it's all said and done.  After you're good and loose, get your supplies.  You will need:

Queen sized flat sheet (you're color choice)
Old tree skirt OR you can use a piece of thick fabric like felt/canvas and see this website for how to cut it.
Hot glue gun 
Plenty of glue sticks

I got the tree skirt and the old sheet from the thrift store, so I spent a total of $6 on this project (plus my hourly wages, of course).  I picked a tan sheet that was sort of speckled looking.  It worked perfectly.  You don't even notice the dog hair all over it!!  Haha.  It would be cute with white (if you have a white dog) or even green/red if you're really festive.  I also saw some other crafters that used burlap.

Turn on your glue gun. Start by cutting the edging off your sheet.  Save the top hem (shown below).

Now you're going to use your saved hem for tracing strips.  On the backside of your sheet, trace 10-20 strips with a pencil.  Again make sure you trace on the back, so you don't have pencil marks showing on your finished product.

Go ahead and cut along your traced lines.  The strips don't have to be perfect by any means, and if they start to fray, that's great!  It adds to the "rustic-ness."

After you cut all your strips of sheet, it's time to start glueing.  Place a strip of hot glue on your skirt "mold" and start pressing the sheet onto the glue.

 Pinch the fabric every inch or so to create a ruffed look.

Once you go all the way around the outside of the skirt, start your second row.  Make sure the rows overlap a bit so you don't see the underneath.  Keep going and going and going until you complete!!

You might have to start drinking half way through, because it's time consuming!  But seriously, look at the end product!!!  How awesome is that?  And I only burned myself a couple times......  Now, if we only had room in the 5th wheel for a Christmas tree!

What do you think? Pretty crafty, huh?


  1. live this idea!!! i want to make a burlap on!!! :) thanks for the inspiration! love how your brain works! haha!

  2. If you're going to do this project check out the dollar store for tree skirts. I found some at The Dollar Tree in SLC!