Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Open-Face Veggie Sandwich

It was great to see the family & friends for the holidays.  Greg and I got back to the great state of Washington at about 1:30 AM on Friday before Christmas.  We had a whirlwind of visits with everyone eating, drinking and eating some more.  On Tuesday morning, Greg drove back (12 hours) to the frigid Bear Lake and I decided to stay in The Burg for awhile to warm up!  And guess what? 40* feels like a tropical heat wave! 
Besides all of that, I have been a bit of a glutton for the past 5 days or so.  My belly is bloated, I have sugar-overdose headaches, and I'm lethargic!  So it's time to clean up the diet.  

Do you have a favorite meal? Is it breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack-time?  I can't say that I have a favorite, but I DEFINITELY have a least favorite.  And that would be lunch.  I don't like sandwiches very much, salads leave me feeling deprived, leftovers suck and soup gets old.  I tend to just have a snack for lunch, because I dislike most of the typical options.  But I came across this sandwich and since it's toasted and open-faced, I thought I'd give it a try.  Plus, I'm always trying to get more veggies in and this really pumps up the veg intake.

It's a far cry from your usual lunch offering! You'll need:
Whole grain bread
Low-fat cream cheese (Neufatchel)
Cracked pepper (or lemon pepper)
Sea Salt

Are you ready? Set? GO!

1. Toast your bread.
2. Chop you veg.
3. Spread the cream.
4. Top with the goods.
5. Dash of S & P.
6. Boom.

It's yummy, filling and healthy for those of your getting back "on track."
Plus, making it an open-face sandwich cuts the calories in half....and you can stack the veggies even higher.

Eat it with your hands.
Eat it with a fork.
Whatever floats your boat.

Of course, there's many veggie combinations you could play with:
Avocado, tomato, cilantro + some cumin/chili powder
Tomato, basil, + balsamic/olive oil
Corn, tomato, kidney bean
Arugula, sundried tomato, bell pepper

And if your world isn't complete without meat, that opens up many more options:
Bacon, lettuce, tomato
Turkey, sprouts, cranberry
Ham, lettuce, whatever.

You get the idea.  Get creative.  Stack on the veggies, because I guarantee you aren't getting enough in your diet on a regular basis.  Just do it.

Because I said so.


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  1. I'm going to shopping today and getting some of those makings! Thanks Dana!