Thursday, February 16, 2012

Whole Wheat Bread Crumbs

You know those last few slices of bread in the bag? 
You know how those slices are usually dried out?
Oh yeah.
Do you ever throw out those last few slices?
Have you ever read the ingredient list on breadcrumbs?
Probably not, but it's long.  There's lots of salt and crap in there.

And how does this all tie together?  
By making your own bread crumbs, you use the whole loaf of bread, you simplify the ingredients, lower the sodium AND it saves a bunch of moo-lah.
Not only does making your own breadcrumbs do all of the above, but you are also able to make whole wheat bread crumbs, which are really hard to find at the store.  We should all be making an effort to switch our refined white grains to whole grains. This is just another way to reduce the refined crap in our diet. 
SO let's do it.

You have two options to dry out the bread:
(1) Take those last 3-4 slices of whole wheat bread out of the bag and set them out on the counter for a couple days until they are hard and crunchy (this is what I do).
(2) Place bread on a cookie sheet in a 250*-300* oven for 20-30 minutes, or until it's all dried out.

Break up your hard bread into chunks and place in a food processor. In my case, I only have a blender since I have limited storage space in the trailer and no room for my beloved food processor.  A food processor would work best though.
The only *must*, is to make sure your blender or processor is completely dry, or instead of crumb you will get nasty sludge.

Pulse until bread crumbs form.  It's your choice whether you want a fine crumb or a heavier crumb!  That's the beauty of making your own! It's your choice.
Ahhh, the power of choice.  I'm pro-choice :)
3-4 slices of bread make about 1 cup of crumbs.  You can leave them plain or......

If you want seasoned breadcrumbs, feel free to add seasonings.
To one cup of crumbs, I added 1/2 tsp garlic powder and 1 1/2 tsp italian seasoning.
Give it a good stir.

Whole wheat bread crumbs, it's as easy as 1-2-3!!
I made chicken nuggets with these the other night and they were tasty and healthy!
They would be good for chicken parmesan, pan-fried fish, and endless casserole dishes.

For best results store in a airtight container, of course my favorite container is a mason jar.

There's really no specific recipe here.  Feel free to add any of your favorite seasonings, or leave them plain and add the seasoning when you use them each time.  If you leave them plain, you can season them appropriately for whatever you might be cooking.
Have fun, save money and stop wasting :)  Happy crumbing my friends.

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