Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Life on the Road, Minus the Trailer

If you haven't guessed by my new blog design, I'm bored.  We are NOT living luxurious trailer life at the moment.  We are living a low-class, motel scum lifestyle instead..... in Vernal, Utah AKA BFE.
But I'm not really complaining about the town (it's actually homey & nice) or the hotel (I've been in much worse), I'm complaining about not having my beloved 5th wheel trailer.  In the short time I've been residing in my "home-on-wheels," I've come to adore it.  Sure, I have my complaints, (water pressure, toilet sucks!, frozen walls/floor, broken furnace, propane leak, creepy trailer trash neighbors and possibly a mouse...haha) but for the most part it's home and I love it.  I miss cooking in my little kitchen.  Yesterday I made pot-roast in a crockpot in the hotel room, haha.  Not too exciting.  Since the cooking department is currently out of order, I'll share a Travel-Tale.

Once upon a time.... in a land far away.... ;)  Just kidding, here goes.

We are in Northeast Utah in the land of red buttes, jagged canyons and dinosaurs.  Yep, you heard me right, dinosaurs.  This lovely area harbors the most dinosaur fossils in the world, and today I went to the Dinosaurland Museum.  It was pretty cool: full big, prehistoric fossils of creatures that used to roam right here.  It makes you realize how much this world has changed over time.  It's quite fascinating!  Plus the museum was brand-spankin new.  Just opened Fall 2011 :)

Anyways, as I'm strolling through the museum alone, I get a little freaked out.  There are all these creepy noises, creatures are looking at me, there are bones everywhere and the lights are really dim.

 So I hot-stepped it outta there on the dime!  After I left, I felt like an idiot.  I mean, children go there all the time and I'm such a wuss that I have to leave the dinosaur museum.  But, in my defense, I was alone and there wasn't another soul in the museum, just me and T-rex.  I was alone with the critter bones, just feeling the hair crawl on my neck.  AH!

I wish the dinosaurs in the museum looked like this friendly lady.  Or maybe Yoshi from Super Nintendo!

Wow, good thing I don't watch scary movies, I'd never sleep.
Sweet Dreams ~D

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