Friday, September 9, 2011

Namaste, Jackson Hole!

We had to spend the last 2 days in Ashton, Idaho, which is nestled between West Yellowstone and the east side of the Teton Mountain range. Since we were only staying 2 days, we left the trailer behind and got ourselves a motel suite! I'm talking high class, baby. Anyways, I wanted to share some pics from this last little road trip.  
Here is our quaint hotel suite (AKA Cabin, AKA Shed) Haha.

 With the lovely, modern decor...
 But the view topped it all off.  There's something about seeing mountains that makes me feel at ease.

So by day 2, I had seen everything Ashton had to offer (actually by about the first morning).  So I decided to go on a quest to Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  I have been taking online yoga classes from a site based out of Jackson since about 2007, so I wanted to attend a class in person. Here is the site if anyone wants to check it out.  My favorite instructor is Neesha.
I attended her class and it was wonderful! Very enlightening and spiritual. This site has 1 free class per week, or you can buy classes for $3.99. (you can watch them as much as you'd like).  It's a great option for practicing at home.  I usually do about 2 classes per week.

Besides the yoga class, the views were the best part of the trip.
I thought this picture turned out cool.  This is approaching the range from the Idaho side.

 Getting closer

And closest! This is from the Wyoming side of the range.  Seriously breathtaking.  No joke. If you haven't seen this range, it's a must-do on the ol' bucket list.

I also went on a short little hike on the top of Teton Pass (elevation. 8431') And I was gasping for some oxygen in that thin mountain air!

The gorgeous and hardy wildflowers were still out at this high elevation.

I didn't get to do much cooking this week, but I'm feeling some scrumptious burgers in my near future and possibly a bright, fresh salad.


  1. U did Neesha's class! thats awesome.. Enjoying the blog posts, keep themcomin